What has karate done for me?


What Has Karate Done For Me

By: Brody Crafts, age 11


    I started taking karate when I was in Kindergarden. I am now in Fifth Grade, and am about to receive my Black Belt.  I have learned many things, which have helped me become the person I am today. Three things karate has done for me is build my confidence, teach me the importance of honesty, and improve my self-discipline.


    Taking karate has helped me build my confidence. I used to be more nervous around new people, but now I look forward to making new friends.  When I was younger, being in front of people for presentations or speeches use to make me shy. Now, I feel much more comfortable due to meeting people in the dojo and performing katas in class. I now think that I am a pretty confident person.


    Karate has also helped me with honesty. In the past, I had the habit of lying to my parents, especially when I did not want to get into trouble. Talking about honesty in class, and its importance, helped me realize that this was something I need to work on and keep at for the rest of my life. Being honest has become a big deal to me, and something I value in myself and others.


    Self-discipline is another skill karate has taught me. I used to not do things when I did not want to, spending my time on video games and television. By learning “work before play”, I saw that it was important to get things done that needed to be, which helped me become a better student in school and son at home.


In conclusion, karate has made a positive impact on my life. I am now more confident with myself and seen as an honest person by those around me. My self-disciplined has helped me to focus on what is important and needs to get done. I look forward to continuing with karate in the hope of receiving my first degree black belt.


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