Fun Adult Karate Classes in Triangle NC

Adult Karate Classes near Triangle NC Karate International is West Raleigh's leading choice for karate and self defense classes for participants of all ages. At Karate International, we are passionate about the martial arts and are dedicated to passing on our knowledge to the local community. We offer a number of programs for instruction in the martial arts, health and fitness, character development, weapons training, and street smart self-defense. We encourage participation for pre-schoolers, children, teens, adults, seniors, and families. Our goal is to help produce champions not only in the martial arts, but in life, as well!

Juniors and Little Samurais - Kid's Karate Classes

Our curriculum is taught by experienced instructors who can teach your child the skills they need in a safe, positive environment. Parents can even train at the same time as their children! Our Juniors and Little Samurai Karate classes provide character development through learning about the martial arts philosophies and black belt principles like courtesy, integrity, modesty, perseverance, indomitable spirit, honesty, and courage.

Karate increases and improves:
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Listening & Concentrating
  • Attention Span
  • Self-Discipline & Self Control
  • Courtesy and Respect
  • Leadership and Goal Setting
  • Self-Defense Skills
  • Positive Attitude & Academic Achievement

Adult Karate Classes

Whether you're bored with your current workout routine or looking for a way to learn valuable self-defense skills, the fun, welcoming environment at Karate International can help your reach your goals. Our classes for adults will get your body toned, more flexible, and sharpen your reflexes so you can effectively utilize the self-defense you learn. Every class is a workout and you'll leave class feeling stronger and more confident.


We are absolutely 100% pleased with the training that Ethan is receiving at Karate International. I LOVE that Mr. Rowe incorporates his talks on things like bullying and treating others kindly, etc. Ethan thinks very highly of you all so hearing these messages from someone he respects helps the lesson to resonate with him. There is a strong sense of family at Karate International and that is so meaningful. Amber J. of Raleigh, NC

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