Homeschool Karate Class

Karate International Classes for Homeschoolers prepare your child for success in life!

Karate Increases and Improves:

Juniors (Ages 5-11) & Parents

  • Courtesy and Respect
  • Self-Control & Self-Discipline
  • Leadership and Goal Setting
  • Self-Defense Skills
  • Positive Attitude & Academic Achievement

Class Times

  • Thursday - 12:30-1:15pm (homeschoolers only)
  • In addition to the Thursday homeschool class, students can attend one other evening or weekend class at the following times.
  • Monday - 5:30-6:15pm
  • Tuesday - 4:30-5:15pm
  • Wednesday - 6:30-7:15pm
  • Saturday - 11:30am-12:15pm

Homeschool -  Karate International WR - 1childrenKids absolutely love classes at Karate International of West Raleigh,  and parents love the convenience of being able to train at the same time as their children. Our classes provide a martial arts education in a kid-friendly environment that combines fun, fitness, character, education, and leadership development. Our time tested curriculum taught by experienced instructors will teach your child the skills they need in a safe and welcoming environment. Your child will love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with working hard toward a goal and you will too.

The benefits from karate are not just short term. The chief instructor, Mr. Rowe, began karate at the age of 6 and feels karate provided the foundation for success in his life.

Mind, Body, and Spirit

Sanshinkai Karate is rooted in developing the mind, body, and spirit. Your child will look forward to their classes at Karate International as they will energize and motivate them to achieve excellence both in karate and in life. Our Homeschool Karate classes provide character development through learning about the martial arts philosophies and black belt principles like courtesy, integrity, modesty, perseverance, indomitable spirit, honesty, and courage.

Great, Challenging, and Fun Classes

Karate classes at Karate International offers a great way for children to enjoy a challenging physical activity that helps them develop goal setting, confidence, self-esteem, and the enormous benefit of learning self-defense. Every class is a workout. From the moment class starts, your child will start moving and getting their heart rate up. Your child will leave class feeling more confident and wanting to come back!

Caring, Dedicated Staff

Our Black Belt instructor’s enjoy teaching children and want every child to succeed.  Karate International is ready to team up with you, the parent, to enhance your child’s mental and physical development in a fun, positive, and motivating way.


Why I Love Karate International of West Raleigh

Karate International of West Raleigh is a great way to get in shape, have fun, make friends, and learn important life lessons, all at the same time! The karate teachers (senseis) are really nice, you can make a best friend there (I know I did!) and it gets your heart pumping!

Message of the Week

The life lessons you learn are different each week. That’s why they call it “Message of the Week”! There are lessons like bully prevention, smart goals, and more!

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