"Since starting Karate International almost 2 years ago, my son has grown in so many wonderful ways. His confidence and level of respect for others has improved tremendously. Mr. Rowe is such a great influence in his life and I couldn’t thank him enough. They say it takes a village to raise children and I am so grateful that ours includes Mr. & Mrs. Rowe. Joining Karate International was the best decision my family could of made for our child. I look forward to having my son achieve his goal of becoming a black belt and possibly becoming a teacher himself one day."

Karate International of West Raleigh - Testimonials - five-stars

- Jodi B., Cary NC

"We are absolutely 100% pleased with the training that Ethan is receiving at Karate International. I LOVE that Mr. Rowe incorporates his talks on things like bullying and treating others kindly, etc. Ethan thinks very highly of you all so hearing these messages from someone he respects helps the lesson to resonate with him. There is a strong sense of family at Karate International and that is so meaningful."

Karate International of West Raleigh - Testimonials - five-stars

- Amber J., Raleigh NC

"I want to thank you for the absolute blast Tyler and his friends had at your Dojo this afternoon. As I mentioned, when Tyler and I got in the car to head over to the party, he gleefully exclaimed, 'I've been waiting for this day for MONTHS!'”' He was excited to say the least."

Karate International of West Raleigh - Testimonials - five-stars

- Philip M., West Raleigh NC

“In this ever changing world in which we live in and the new age of threats and vices that our children are exposed to at younger and younger ages across the world, there is one sure thing that every parent can do to ensure that their children attain the edge and the moral high ground for their lives ahead, and keep them from endlessly staring at those dreadful Computer Games, and websites.

Karate International not only teaches all ages of the importance of sport, discipline, and mental awareness, but at the same time, and in a very caring manner brings valuable lessons in Courtesy, Courage, Knowledge, Respect and most importantly perseverance to achieve goals; as they take on the challenges of both achieving the next belt level, and also preparing for whatever challenges life may throw at them.

It is with pleasure that we highly recommend Karate International of North Carolina, where both our 2 English children have been attending for the past 18 months, and where both have grown in both maturity, stature, and self confidence daily.

With the constant worry that parents today face regarding “bullying” at schools, it is a great comfort to know that our 8 and 10 year old are mature enough to know how to handle the situation, and should the need arise well practiced enough to be able to stand their ground and defend themselves.

I would recommend Karate International and Mr. Rowe’s personable and gentle approach to teaching, and urge every parent to ensure their young children are prepared in this way for life’s unexpected bumps ensuring they will have the wisdom and experience from their training to be able to handle any situation."

Karate International of West Raleigh - Testimonials - five-stars

- Nils H., Garner NC

"Each member of our family had something different driving us to join Karate International. Being a homeschooling mom of 2, I needed something to accomplish for myself. After 20 years of smoking cigarettes, I decided to make a conscious effort to quit and karate has helped me to achieve that goal.

My 11 yr. old son, Justin, was diagnosed with autism and ADHD when he was 3. He has battled many self-esteem issues through the years, not to mention his share of bullies in school. We decided to enroll him in karate so he could prove to himself that he can achieve anything he wants with effort and practice. He has not stopped smiling since his first day of class. In a month’s time, his level of self-confidence completely transformed! He doesn’t look down on himself anymore. He doesn’t give up as easily anymore. We have learned that karate teaches more than self-defense and cool moves. It has given us a sense of self-worth and confidence, two things that are impossible to put a price tag on.

I enrolled my daughter so that she too could find her voice and prove to herself that hard work and practice are the keys to success. Before karate, she was very timid and scared to share her thoughts and feelings with anyone. So you can imagine the level of joy I feel every time I attend karate class and see her raise her hand to demonstrate a move or give an answer to her sensei and peers.

My husband joined karate to battle long-ago demons from school. He was the receiver of a lot of bullying back in high school. Bullying can make children doubt themselves and others tremendously, which is exactly what happened. Being in karate has doubled his confidence and self-esteem, which has led to better job-related and relationship decisions.

There are many different reasons for joining karate. Some people are under the preconceived notion that it’s only about self-defense and snazzy moves. I can say from personal experience that there are many other fantastic qualities that are also obtained from karate. Self-defense, confidence, motivation, discipline, humility, and pride are irreplaceable. The instructors are fantastic and have completely made us feel at ease and a welcome part of their family. Joining Karate International was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made."

Karate International of West Raleigh - Testimonials - five-stars

- Jamie S., Morrisville NC

"It will change your kids life around and I am not kidding about that. If you have a disciplinary behavioral problem at home, karate is the way to go. It changes them. Changes their whole entire life. They absolutely love it and look forward to going. And you will see a total change."

Karate International of West Raleigh - Testimonials - five-stars

- Cathy S., Raleigh NC

"Karate International has been a great environment for my family. My kids are learning important life skills and having fun while getting physically fit. It’s great for adults too, just ask my black belt husband!"

Karate International of West Raleigh - Testimonials - five-stars

- Dawn D., West Raleigh NC